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Disclaimer – No medical claims can be made regarding our products, none of the information has been evaluated by the FSA. Our products are not meant to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any medical condition. Please refer to advice from your qualified doctor.

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Growing up in a third-world country I was never accustomed to anything being accessible… food, healthcare or supplements. My parents travelled to the UK in order to build a foundation for me. I utilized this opportunity and began my journey through medical school to become a medical doctor.

As a student doctor, we swore an oath to make healthcare accessible to all and our healthcare system was built on the foundations to make it so. Similarly, when I stumbled upon CBD and decided to do an extended research review project; I noted the vast amount of researched benefits of CBD-based products and hence I decided that I have a duty to make these products as accessible to everyone as possible.

As a student doctor, we pride ourselves on transparency, simplicity & effectiveness; and upon founding the company HEMPDOC we decided that we must always run this business with those three philosophies in mind. We wanted to produce high-quality CBD and Hemp-based products that adhere firmly to these three points.

That’s why we are transparent with our products, offering lab tests to our customers upon request, to ensure you know our products are 100% legal and contain no adulterants, contaminants or heavy metals. We offer a simple service, we have research to ensure new customers understand what CBD & Hemp is, we have a simple selection of products that cater to different individuals. Finally, our vegan & organic, high-purity products are extracted carefully in GMP certified facilities right here in the UK to ensure effectiveness. To sum it up, we offer trusted CBD & Hemp products by trusted health professionals.

Fourth Year Student Doctor, UK & Founder of HEMPDOC. TM.


Modern extraction for ultra-purity

We use high-tech CO2 extraction that ensures efficient extraction of CBD & hemp from the hemp plant, this process guarantees that every single last molecule of minerals, vitamins and high-quality CBD & hemp are incorporated into our premium products.

Made in the UK, legal & compliant

Many CBD & hemp brands source their ingredients from hemp farms in China & India which can be low-quality bulk products. We only use certified suppliers from USA and the EU, these ingredients are extracted and incorporated in GMP certified facilities right here in the UK. So, you can be confident that we meet regulations and guidelines.

Lab tested & trusted by health professionals

All our products undergo vigorous lab testing, which gives us a comprehensive look at what is inside. This ensures you get a high-quality product with no contaminants, THC, adulterants or heavy metals. These lab-tests are available to ALL our customers upon request. Our products are overseen by health professionals, particularly our student doctor who is the founder of HEMPDOC, these are the same professionals that you trust with your health daily.